Mini-Bimini - Sunshade for Mini Cooper Convertible

Mini Bikini for your convertible Mini Cooper! Tired of being fried - and unable to enjoy the pleasures of driving topless? The Mini Bimini gives you 75% shade and UV protection from the sun but keeps you feeling the experience of topless driving.

A snap to install - one lace on each side of the front ties through the convertible top pin hole. The back straps snap with web ties around the roll bars - and voila!

It all rolls up and stores in the trunk or just release the front ties to raise the top.
Cuts wind and wind noise. Tested to 90 MPH and no significant flutter when installed correctly.

Looks spiffy and unique too, and still lets you get the aerial view!

On later minis, the straps will tie around the raised headrests
Front ties through roof pin holes.


Plus Shipping and tax for the governor in Ca. (818) 557 0903